Jumper Threads claims their peppermint underwear will keep you fresh all day


Sometimes staying fresh is not so easy. During the summer days when it’s so hot and sticky outside that you automatically regret leaving your nicely air conditioned home, it’s common for your undergarments to become fused to your body. 

A clothing company based in Cincinnati, Ohio called JUMPER Threads has developed a new type of underwear (currently seeking funding on Kickstarter) that’s designed to always keep you fresh, especially your junk and hoo-haw. How do they do it, you ask? Well, the underwear is made out of organic peppermint. Doesn’t that just sound refreshing?

The company uses peppermint to make what they call the “Freshest Underwear on the Planet,” which is naturally antimicrobial (the agents that fight bacteria) through a special blend of peppermint fabric, plus ProModal and elastin fabrics. Promodal is a combination of Modal and Tencel, which are made from birch and Eucalyptus trees. The Modal is responsible for the undergarments soft texture, while the Tencel provides absorption.  Read more…

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